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The creative season is opened at Pedvāle

On 11 June the creative season "Stone. Heritage" was opened at Pedvāle. This year`s opening event was under the sign of Chinese culture. Ojārs Feldbergs` visit to China in January this year served as the source of inspiration for the opening event.


The event began with poetry readings in Chinese and Latvian. This was followed by the opening of a documentary photo exhibition at Pedvāle pub “Dāre”. In cooperation with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Latvia a photo exhibition on China's culture, art and landscape can be currently viewed at Pedvāle. The participants of the event also learned more about the Chinese traditional instrument – two-stringed fiddle (the erhu).


In the continuation of the event the dragon “Rambulis” was summoned from the river Rambule flowing through the Pedvāle ravine, that watched the Chinese stone seed planting ritual in the experimental stone plantation field of Pedvāle. Before the planting all present invested their wishes and messages in the stone seed and after the planting they gave a twig of the tree of life and a sip of Pedvāle’s spring water to the fire so that the planted wishes and messages rose to the sky along with the smoke and vapours.


The dragon “Rambulis”, having received the refreshments from the event guests, returned to the vastness of the Pedvāle Park, whereas the guests went back to the pub “Dāre” to enjoy Chinese dumplings and green tea.

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