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“The Route of the Sun” was opened at Pedvāle

On 3 October, the event "The Route of the Sun" dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Latvian poets Rainis and Aspazija took place at the Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum. This title – “The Route of the Sun” – has also been given to the environmental art object by Ojārs Feldbergs devoted to the common way of life of Rainis and Aspazija. On the opening day of the art object the guests of Pedvāle were invited to participate in campaigns and performances, celebrating both the anniversary of the two great Latvian poets and the opening of a new work of art.

Art campaigns inspired by Rainis and Aspazija were started at Pedvāle already in April this year, when Ojārs Feldbergs together with a group of artists from Talsi went to Castagnola in Switzerland, where they planted in Mount Bre the stone seeds from Aspazija’s native home “Daukšas” and Rainis’ native home “Tadenava”. In turn, from Mount Bre – the place where Rainis spent his days writing during exile – Castagnola’s stone seed travelled to Pedvāle. It was planted at Pedvāle on 30 May, during the opening of the season “Stone. Message”. The ritual of Castagnola’s stone planting marked the location for the object “The Route of the Sun”. Throughout the summer, the sculptor was creating the ambitious metal and stone object, and its opening was prepared as the biggest event of the creative season at Pedvāle.

Sabile town, next to which is the home place of the Pedvāle park, is located in the ancient valley of the Abava River, and this place, thanks to its spacious and picturesque landscape, is also called the Switzerland of Kurzeme. Recalling the time spent by Rainis and Aspazija in Switzerland, the literary works inspired and created there, Pedvāle organized “The Route of the Sun” celebrations in Castagnola mood.

The celebrations were started with the campaign “Honorary Gate” during which the inhabitants of Rainis Street of Sabile Town read the poetry by Rainis and Aspazija. The hosts of the event – the master of Pedvāle, the sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs and the participant of folk theatre Iveta Sēruma from Sabile – led the guests through the creative activities of the day, with the poetry readings by Rainis and Aspazija and fragments from the prose work “Castagnola” by Rainis, it made it possible to those who were present to remember the highlights of the poets’ lives.

The artist Laura Feldberga invited all who were interested to participate in the performance “People – Mountains”. Forty-one participants responded to the invitation, and on the hillside of Brink Hill a wide composition of figures was established. Its members, dressed in white, with costumes affixed to the ground with tapes, for a moment turned into mountain images – each as a white peak and part of the hill landscape.

Everybody could participate in the open-air plain air during the campaign “Rainis is Drawing Landscape” and draw or paint the views of the Abava Valley under the lead of professional artists. Both children and adults participated in the campaign, and later they could view the artwork created during the campaign.

The culmination of the celebration was the opening of the art object “The Route of the Sun”. The environmental art object is a tribute to Rainis’ and Aspazija’s lives. Sixty-four years – this is how long Rainis and Aspazija lived simultaneously under the sun, and this figure is used in the visual and technical solution of the art object “The Route of the Sun”. During the opening of the art object the choirs of Talsi Secondary School No. 2 and Riga Arts and Crafts Secondary School filled the air with the song “Sun, Thunder, Daugava" composed by Mārtiņš Brauns under the lead of the conductor Gints Ceplenieks.

After the gala part of the celebration the guests were invited to the bonfire and were treated to the characteristic soup of the Swiss Ticino region – minestrone. Everybody was invited to walk through the park at Pedvāle, where, with the opening of “The Route of the Sun”, was marked the closure of the season “Stone. Message”, and soon the preparations for the new creative season 2016 would start.

Pedvāle Museum will be open to visitors in the autumn as well, and will be waiting for the guests to show them the works of art created during the previous years, as well as the new art objects of the season 2015.

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