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Ojārs Feldbergs
Latvian stone seed has been planted in the Scottish land

At the beginning of September, the sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs visited Scotland to plant, with a special ritual, in the Scottish land a stone seed that had travelled from Pedvāle. The stone seed planting campaign has been going on for several years already, and this time the artist had received an invitation from the artists' residence, Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden, Scotland.


At Pedvāle on June 21, during the event "Solstice Message" Ojārs Feldbergs invited everyone present to transfer a message to the stone seed, which had been intended for planting in Scotland. Later the stone was placed in a special metal structure, where it was kept for all the summer and every visitor of the Pedvāle Open Air Museum could entrust it their thought or wish.


On 5 September the Latvian stone seed was planted in one of the Scottish hills, where it will grow and mature until it will bear fruit to all who had entrusted their messages to it. During the visit Ojārs Feldbergs was also invited to give a presentation of his work in a lecture at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop residence.

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