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Exhibition of the season “Stone. Message”

Within the creative season 2015 “Stone. Message”, a new environmental art object and sculpture exhibition was created at the Open-Air Art Museum of Pedvāle. Art objects were created by sculptors from the USA, Scotland and Latvia.


Two environmental art objects can be seen in the exhibition, they are made of cast iron and stone – “Polar Star” created by American sculptor Jim Brenner and “X” by Scottish sculptor George Beasley.


The art work by George Beasley was created on June 21, during the summer solstice, and, with the use of ancient Ogham characters, the artist left a message in it to every visitor of Pedvāle Park. The “X” form of the art work represents G. Beasley’s signature – I was here in this place to work creatively and give joy to everybody present.


A stainless steel sculpture “North Wind” by American sculptor Carl Billingsley can also be seen at the exhibition. The American artist who comes from the south of the USA reveals his dual feelings about Latvia – both cold north wind and long days full of light during the summer solstice.


This exhibition was complemented with the environmental art object “Ash Tree” by Latvian artist Ineta Greiža, the environmental art object “Adaptation” by Pedvāle master Ojārs Feldbergs and the disposed stone seed for Scotland. Every visitor of the park have an opportunity to transfertheir message to this stone. On 30 August Ojārs Feldbergs will take this stone seed to Scotland to plant it, together with the transferred messages, in the Scottish land on 5 September.



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